Invest Solid Waste Sorting Plant to Make Profit

Municipal solid waste is composed of waste materials that are disposed of by the public. The role of the municipality is to collect these waste products and then dispose them of in designated dumping areas. The municipal solid waste sorting machine is designed to treat waste products from homes and companies and transform them into useful products. The solid waste sorting machine employs the latest technological means to separate plastics, metals, and organic matter from the municipal waste products. The Beston company has designed a municipal solid waste sorting equipment that sorts the municipal waste products in a safer and environmentally friendly manner.

Beston MSW Sorting Plant for Sale

Beston MSW Sorting Plant for Sale

How the Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Process Works

1. Garbage is first offloaded from the garbage trucks and sorted manually to remove large items such as trees and furniture.

2. The sorted waste is then fed into the sorting machine using hoppers which distribute the garbage uniformly.

3. After even distribution of the trash, the municipal solid waste is transported using conveyor belts to a large platform where workers sort it manually. In the manual sorting section, stones, bottles, branches, and other hazardous materials are removed from the municipal waste.

4. The sorted waste is taken through a rotating screening machine where it is treated through screening.

5. The materials are then passed through a 50mm sieve that separates materials smaller than 50mm and materials larger than 50mm.

6. The materials that are smaller than 50mm are passed through a hanging magnetic separator that lifts magnetic materials from the waste products. The remaining waste products are taken to a composting workshop.

7. Materials larger than 50mm are also passed under a magnet which separates magnetic materials from the waste products.

8. The remaining materials are broken into pieces then taken to a winnowing machine where they are separated into light, heavy, and secondary heavy waste materials.

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Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Equipment-3D Model Demonstration

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Equipment-3D Model Demonstration

How the Sorted Materials are Managed

1. The light plastic materials are packed in bags then sold directly in the market.

2. The organic materials are taken through the hydrothermal hydrolysis oxidation process where they are processed to produce fertilizers.

3. The metallic compounds can be smelted to produce useful iron products.

4. The heavy organic and inorganic materials can be processed to make bricks without polluting the environment.

5. The secondary heavy materials are used to make combustible materials that are utilized for the production of heat energy.

6. Biomass is taken through the carbonization process and is used in the manufacture of charcoal.

Modifications of the Beston Solid Waste Sorting Plant

The Beston group has always put safety first in all its designs. For this reason, the solid waste sorting plant has been modified to improve its waste sorting efficiency and at the same time protect the environment from contamination. The waste sorting machine has been modified in the following ways:

1. The production process takes place in an enclosed chamber, and this minimizes environmental pollution.

2. Effective odor control systems have been integrated into the waste sorting machine to control the unpleasant smell of the municipal solid waste.

3. The waste sorting machine is composed of fully automated systems that eliminate human errors from the waste sorting process.

Advantages/ Benefits of the Beston Solid Waste Sorting Plant

The Beston sorting plant has helped in conserving the environment because waste products that could have accumulated in dumping sites can now be converted into useful products. The waste sorting plant has the following benefits:

1. High Efficiency- The plant produces outputs of greater value than its inputs making it have excellent efficiency.

2. Low Running Cost- The Beston waste sorting plant does not require water or a source of energy for the recycling process and this minimizes the running cost.

3. Technologically Advanced Systems- The waste sorting plant has incorporated an efficient waste sorting technology that reduces the failure rates of the plant, notifies the operators of any potential breakdowns before they occur, and this helps in reducing machine downtime.

4. Effective Adaptability- The recycling plant can sort almost all municipal wastes; from solid wastes to household and agricultural wastes.

5. Small Size- The waste sorting plant has portable components that can be installed quickly reducing the installation time.

How the Beston Municipal Waste Sorting Machine Conserves the Environment

Conservation of the environment is an essential aspect that all manufacturers should consider when designing plants and machines. The Beston waste sorting machine is no exception. The plant protects and safeguards the environment from pollution in the following ways:

1. The plant is wholly sealed, and this prevents toxic gases from escaping into the atmosphere.

2. Specialized odor control systems ensure that gases with unpleasant smells are contained by the plant to make the environment conducive for workers and machine operators.

3. Hazardous compounds found in the municipal solid waste materials are treated before being disposed of safely ensuring that they are harmless to the environment.

In summary, all the above benefits and advantages of the solid waste sorting plant manufactured by Beston Machinery (China) are aimed at conserving the environment and ensuring that the waste sorting process happens in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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