How Can Egg Tray Making Machine Save the Earth?

Egg tray making machine? I guess you might not have heard the term before but believe me, it is doing a great deal of a service to mankind right now.

It converts tons and tons of waste paper you see being collected each day into egg trays that can be of course reused for better purposes. Here is a photo of Beston egg tray machine India.

Egg Tray Making Machine in India
Egg Tray Making Machine in India

Is It for Egg Trays Only?

The word “egg tray” doesn’t mean that it is just restricted to that. You can just manufacture different trays by using different pulp molding equipment. It is all about the way you manufacture it. In the end, the purpose is served- we are all saving Mother Earth.

But where do these machines come from in your country? Well, there are egg tray machine manufacturers in China that do the job for you. Beston Machinery is a good choice for you. They supply the best products at a fair egg tray machine price, which is proved more reasonable than the price of egg tray machine in India.

Where Does All The Trash Come From?

This is a question that might leave you a bit sad and of course will push you to critique your own self. As per reports by Asian Development Bank, Philippines produces more than 35,000 tons of garbage daily and over 20,000 tons of it is solid paper waste. This is why the need of having an egg tray making machine in the Philippines is so dire.

Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines

How to Make Egg Trays?

It is you and us who are responsible, so we should be working for a way to make it look better for our conscience. And the only way is recycling it.

For now, just bear with me because I am going to take you through the complete egg tray making process step by step.

1. Pulp Making: The process starts with adding all the paper trash into the machine and then smashing it all together to make pulp. This is how you start with making egg trays or whatever you wish in the first place.

2. Molding: After you are done with making pulp, the next step is to mold it in the shapes depending on what is your expected end product. You can make anything from carton, shoe boxes, fruit trays, egg trays, bottle boxes, soft cardboard for packaging or whatever. Just make something of value with it. Here is a video of a manual egg carton machine in China.

3. Drying: This is by far the longest process of all. The molded shapes are exposed to hot air from all directions at first to allow them to set while later on, specific parts are targeted to make the shapes more rigid. The process is slow by default to make sure all the objects get the desired shape and strength by heat.

4. Packaging: After the products get their final shapes, they are all packed. You can choose an automatic system or you can also pack the trays manually. The drying and packing systems make the great differences between automatic egg tray machine and manual egg tray machine.

Just increase the amount of waste and exponentially for the whole world and you will see the need for egg tray making machines will increase likewise. This is where we come in since we believe it is our moral and global social responsibility to see what has gone wrong and set it right. Otherwise, Earth will be no more than a landfilling site! Beston Machinery is a company aims to engineer for tomorrow’s world. More information can be found from the Facebook Page.

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